Image Retouching

Image Retouching

Photo Retouching is an outstanding technique that helps you to finally touch Earmarked unwanted factor into your photo. You can easily synthesize any object or material and even a human figure or all forms of over plus materials fairly using the Photoshop pen tool with Clipping Path utility as the term clearly pointing its function. Over all development has done, but Image Retouching is the final step to improve the image or image form greater than normal one. Not only has the statistical technique of image manipulation, bout a grandiose activity to give your product imaged fresh, nice and inventive look.

With the Image Retouching service you can regain or reedit an image from a manufacture image to navel on your manufacture. Even if your photos are clicked in jam-packed places together with unnecessary goals or persons, you are most welcome to use our service to retouch those precious objects from your photos. Photo retouching service is adjuvant when you want to the center of interest the image of a single product from a shelf full of other products in your image. Now receiving release of tag or labels as well as a logo or spot from any object is very simple. Image Retouching service well in case of product need photography as well as glamour photographs and in editing image of an online store or e-commerce market. If you determines the final content of a text of a magazine or want to make a newspaper layout graph, ad agency and so many other brand promotion or corporate identity.

Image retouching usages

  • Removes unwanted victim from a image
  • Add a suitable object into a image
  • Makes creative look on the photo structure
  • Recover the images for future
  • Final method of Image Manipulation
  • We offer occupational image retouching

Graphic Epz is an occupational Graphic Design and outsourcing photo processing service provider from Bangladesh and offer quality Image Retouching service for easy removal of unwanted component from product images apart from personal photos.

Expert graphic artisan work 24/7 to remove even a single pixel from the photo or as per the indication of a client. The major tools involved in Image Retouching service are clone Stamp Tool and medication tool together with various image editing tools in digitally using Photoshop image-editing software to remove either the background to digital image defining in client’s image.

The period of retouching mention to the manipulation or improvement, increment of a photo or graphics. Retouching is a large crumb of the image editing services. Please have a look example of our retouching services.

Retouching Services:

    • Color Emendation, Light, contrast adaptation and Color correction masks
    • Retouching of depiction: skin fault divergence
    • Digital surgery: decrease plump pads, resize eyes, breast increment and nose correction etc.
    • Digital makeup: skin color adjustment
    • Good looks Retouching (Anti-Aging)
    • Retouching of Product photo
    • Retouching of Scan image
    • Coloring / Image restitution (white and black photos, harmed and old images)
    • Photo improvement and a montage constructed from photographic images / image manipulation
    • Retouching of Premium product
    • Effects of Photo
    • Typically therefore of superior quality digital artwork (Caricatures, Cartoon Pop Art, ClipArt, Sketches, Effects)
    • Depending on your requirements and your requirement (expertise needed: experience, skills