Raster to Vector

Raster to Vector

Computer graphics come in 2 types: raster graphics and vector graphics. Raster graphic will break the image in to pixels. The more are the pixel numbers, the finer will be the quality. Vector graphics will break the image in to a set of lines with determined direction and lengths. Whenever we enlarge any raster graphics image, it makes the pixels extend to, therefore the creating a fuzzy effect. On the other hand, vector graphics, if enlarged, will lengthen the vector lines and as a consequence, the photo will not be distorted no matter how it is enlarged. Ideal for billboard scheming. Vector graphics will also requirement relatively less space than a raster image.
These are the technological details which you need to concern about. Leave it with our skilled vector specialists and you will take the best quality transformation with least cost. Once again, we will do this job manually, using Illustrator pen tool to make the result 100% perfect. Check out our vector conversion samples to see our quality.
Raster to vector transformation has a growing want. Our vector specialists here at Graphic Epz use one of the most famous programs Adobe Illustrator to convert the photo from raster to vector. Then the work is manually done with Illustrator pen tool by manually building all the lines to generate the accurate and perfect vectors. Yet there are many programs which demand to generate vectors self-acting. Once more they will decline a lot brief in terms of professional quality. Manual handling of the vectors will agree us to pick the slightest difference wherever it is. Even further improvement than the main photo is also feasible if the customer demands so. If your logo or image is imperfect or lacking some parts, do not concern about it. Our expert designers has the ability and skill to reproduce that part to that area that it may even look a lot finer than the original one!
Raster to Vector transformation service by Adobe Illustrator CS5/6 for better quality.
If you are looking for a Raster to Vector transformation company, then we are right the ticket! Let us tell you a small bit about Raster to Vector service that we offer.
There are a number of fact as to why you may need to put your image through a raster to vector conversion. Without a confusion, one of the most general cause that we deal with here, however, is for images and logos which have notched edges. When you knock them up, they are exactly not going to look great. When you convert raster to vector, you are going to finish up with a brilliant looking photo which will look magnificent on a t-shirt or even on a sign.
Our raster to vector transformations are rowed out manually in order to ensure that they look as brilliant as feasible. We do not usage any automated software here. This means that you look forward to magnificent image quality time to time again.
Here is a small number of the advantage that you can enjoy when you join our expert team to raster to vector conversion service:


when it comes to transform raster to vector, we are only one and high experienced companies in graphics sectors. Materially, we have over 3-years of experience under our zones, works with some of the famous names out there, containing as part of the whole being considered a few Fortune 500 companies.


We know that transformation is carefully planned and designed to achieve a particular aim that are time critical. Thankfully, you can depend on us to offer a fast turnaround on your transformation project. In fact, if you desire, you can pay extra to have your project completed the exact same day. If not, you can still hope the completed photo to be delivered to you within a few days max. We do not delay. We want you to get your hands on that photo sooner as converse to later.

Cost effective:

Due to the way in which we manage, we are one of the most cost-effective vector transformation companies out there. Our prices are near on invincible, especially for the quality that we are able to deliver at the end of the day. We will be more than happy to offer a reduction for bulk work. If you need, definitely contract with us.

Satisfaction guarantee:

we know how to alter raster to vector. We have been doing it for a long time. However, if you are not happy with the work, we will be more than happy to offer a refund. This is our contentment guarantee. The confident of our expert are high that we can offer something of a high quality.
If you want to typically something of more about the concept to convert raster to vector, then please do not hesitate to get in contact with us today! Our team of expert employees would absolutely love to point you in the right direction. We would also love to accept your project on. After all, we like working closely with our clients and giving them exactly what they need.